Capital Fm Radio

When we talk about one of UK's no.1 radio stations we can all agree that Capital F.M. is certainly on the list. We all know the most important meal of the day is breakfast and if it starts with Roman Kemp at Capital, you can be sure to expect champagne and massages. We asked the public in Leicester Square for a moment of there time so we could relax, and rejuvenate them, and of course ask them what they thought about Capital F.M. one of London's leading radio stations.

Whilst in the studio…Roman Kemp was challenged by Amy to have a deep tissue massage whilst he was introducing the next song live ON AIR...
The therapists are pressing as hard as they can on Roman's back so he can show his honest expression on the radio... No pain no gain Roman. We are pretty sure you felt a million dollars the next day, you’re a tough cookie, for putting up with our Deep tissue therapists. Thanks Capital, for an amazing breakfast we hope to see you all again soon.










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